We Offer Multiple Services

Care & Wash

Exterior Hand Wash

MCI We provide comprehensive car hand washing services.We will restore your car to its original conditional. We can even remove caked-on dirt and mud from your cars exterio.

Interior Detailing

Complete interior cleaning service is offered in MCI by our trained staffs. We remove all rubbish, dirt and vaccum the entire car including roof linings, seating, carpet, boot compartment. Soft brushes, air blowers and small bristles are used to clean all the parts of the cars inside without making any damage to the inside body of the car. Our service in interior cleaning is excellent and ensures maximum satisfaction.

Exterior + Interior

Our exterior wash and interior footwell, carpet and mats vacuum for customers who regularly wash their car.

Interior Vacuuming

Vacuum interior including all mats, footwells, seats & boot

Underbody Wash

We wil restore your vehcle chasis to its original and shining again by applying a highly water pressure to remove all dirty and special oil to make it shining

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Fleet Maintenance

MCI We are providing a general vehcle maintance

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