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About Muscat City International

 ‘MCI  understands that people use car and for different reasons. Cars turn into the most common transportation because people find it easy and convenient; it reduces the travel time and trip chaining and provides comfort and encumbrance. Some are simply crazy about cars. We know you all enjoy having a ride in your cars, but not all the roads we drive are perfect. There are rocks, dirt and debris on the streets that can hit your car while you are driving or even when it is parked. How you take care of your car has a direct impact on the overall value. That is the reason it is important to make essential moves to have it properly cleaned and regularly maintained. At MCI, we have well experienced and talented staffs in the field of bike, car washing and polishing. We are proud to say that we use the best products to clean and wash your car and make sure your car looks new and shining. We offer our cleaning service to the cars and bikes of all brands and we assure that we provide the best cleaning solutions and with no doubt it is only MCI who can take better care of your vehicle for you.

MCI  is committed to offer the best and flawless cleaning service to the clients in timely manner. We are specialised car care center with sample car parking and more than 10 bays, with sufficient space to deal with your beast

The vision of MCI is to provide top quality cleaning services. We aim to focus on customers,growth,inovationand efficiency to become a leader in the car wash and polishing and accessories field.

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Why Choose Us

We are located in the center of the city makes you easy to reach us. Well trained staff and well equiped machine. And also we have safe entry and exit way for you our dearest customers

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Eco Friendly

We have better ways of preseving our sorrounding enviroment safe.

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Oil Change

MCI we have professional mechanics for changing oil and special treatment for your engine

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Hand Wash

At MCI Car Wash, we provide comprehensive car hand washing services. We will restore your vehicle to its original condition. We can even remove caked-on dirt and mud from your car’s exterior, ensuring your car’s surface looks like it is fresh from the dealership. We are confident that our car handwashing services will have you completely satisfied with the latest solutions and equipment. For more information on our car hand washing, car detailing, and car buffing services, contact us at MCI Car Wash today!

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Interior Clean

Complete interior cleaning service is offered in MCI by our talented staffs. We remove all rubbish, dirt and vaccum the entire car including roof linings, seating, carpet, boot compartment.

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Engine Clean

With the clean and special oil with water pressure we can make your engine shinning again. by degreesing and remove all dead bugs and dirt oil arround your engine

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